Discover Your Gaps

Image is everything, but reputation lasts forever

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OR RETAINER FEE For 10+ hours a month

Brand Discovery

Brand Logo Design

Brand Color Coordination

Business Blueprint

Not everybody needs a lot of followers, not everybody cares about a book deal, and not everyone wants a large complex website. What we do all care about is trust. We help you build up the trust of potential clients by digitizing your reputation, building up your personal brand, and revealing the story that drives your passion. Discover Your Gaps finds the areas in your brand and business that need a little TLC. We also assist you in finding the best way to introduce your brand to new clients, whether that's through updated branding, an updated (or new) website, a marketing campaign, or something else entirely.

We will delve into why you want to create this brand and what it is you offer, work with you to build a brand sheet, assist you in drafting your business blueprint, and much, much more.

Land on your Launchpad

Media PRO & More

Base Service


Or Project-based fee

Creative Direction

Video Post-Production

Web & E-commerce

Collateral Production

Media PRO & More is your one stop for video, graphic, and web design services. Our team will help you produce quality media to sell your message to the widest audience. We custom create videos to deliver messages, generate views, create engagement, and produce results by writing and editing video and media scripts for marketing, advertising and website initiatives. We offer premier video planning and editing services to make you and your message shine brighter than the stars. We can also help with every step of creating your unique and powerful website.

Whether you need a coach on the sidelines or a star player for the endgame, we are the premiere choice to ensure you get that winning goal.

Beacon Publishing House


Base Service

Custom Pricing

From DIY to Bestseller

Basic Story Planning


Book Formatting

Uploading to Amazon

We help you put your story to the page, offering publishing services ranging from editing, book design, cover design, ebook & physical publishing on Amazon, and more! We take the guesswork out of what, why, and where to self-publish. By taking our quick "How-to" questionnaire, we will get you from "I want to write a book" to "I am a published author!"

From the initial plotting to the final printing, we will assist and guide you on the way to having a bestseller story! Our team is determined to see that your book gets out into the world, where its light can shine and guide your perfect audience to you. Whether you need help with production, designing your cover, finding a beta reader, or even discovering your plot, we are here to help.

Red Carpet Institute

From Camera Shy to Camera Bad-Ass

One-on-Ones Starting at


Virtual, In-Person, or On-Demand

On-Camera Composure

Tone & Pitch Review

Camera Coaching

Camera Persona Assistance

We have created amazing eCourses to help you gain the confidence to be on camera. Whether it's for a business ad, Instagram, or a media interview, we'll make sure that you are well on your way to shining in the spotlight.

Learn how to be confident on camera and how to best set up a video shoot that will shine the best light on your brand. Red Carpet Academy is our series of eCourses to help you be ready for anything that comes your way before, during, and after a shoot.

Discover the Secrets of a Kiss

Discover the Secrets of Your KISS.

Base Event Price


Minimum 2-3 hours

Corporate, Luxury, & Private Events

Show-stopping Kissing Booths

Stage, Team Building, & Virtual

Worldwide Availability

We offer KISS Print Readings to give you a WOW-factor like no other for events. Taste the goods before you book and see why we are the number one choice for event and party planners. Every event is tailor-made for your clients and we work every budget.

As all industries grow, their pricing will increase. We will honor 2022 pricing through the end of 2023. Lock-in your dates toady!

A word from Dr. Miranda

"Take every single inch you possibly can with no regrets.  Make a decision and stick by it, no matter where it leads. Never look back, live in the present, and look forward to your future."

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