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Laurie Itkin

"I attended the Red Carpet Academy to learn the secrets of a successful television interview."

When Dr. Miranda holds her next Red Carpet Academy, please consider attending. The workshop taught us to wear makeup and clothing in bright colors and to always sit up straight. It was much more affordable (and fun) than your usual media training. I learned a lot and today I appear on broadcast television throughout the year when producers need a financial expert.

Laura Franco-Bennett

"By attending the Red Carpet Academy I learned tips on improving my elevator speech..."

..., what to do and not to do when taking pictures, body language and giving testimonials for another company. These tips are essential to businesses in the new era of social media marketing."

Barbara Davis

"Miranda's Creatives helped me connect some of the dots for marketing myself as a speaker by identifying mission critical details that needed improvement..."

"... and making suggestions on how to fix them. As a result, I have seen a surge in requests for speaking engagements since implementation. Miranda’s Creatives expertise and professionalism is beyond reproach.

JakinDee Kosaka

"I had a great time at the Red Carpet Academy preparing to be ready when the spotlight is on."

Dr. Miranda and her team help you put your best foot foward and shine! I would highly recommend attending this super fun event.

Gail Kraft

"I have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Miranda in her Red Carpet program and was blown away by her photo shoot."

Some of my most impressive photos are from her. She captured my spirit, my energy and my intention in all her shots. When you have Miranda work with you on your photo gallery, you will not be able to decide what to select. You will love them all. Let Miranda capture your soul for the world to see.

Deanna Jordan

"We live in a world where social media is very important to professionals."

Not only with friends and family, the possibility of an employer or new client. This was my first time attending the Red Carpet Academy. And I loved it. It allowed me to feel safe and re-focus on me. The tips and hands-on training have given me the confidence to be in front of the camera. I would highly recommend Dr. Miranda and her team to your organization or to participate at the next RCA.

Leah H.

"I got a 5-star rating from my boss."

She said I did a great job. And she said she could see all the coaching I have received is noticeable and that I didn't look nervous at all. She said the presentation was the perfect segway into our main presentation. So thankful for all your help.  Couldn't have done it without the Red Carpet Academy.


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