Red Carpet Media Services

Peer to peer presentations to rocking the stage, walk the red carpet with poise, polish and professionalism. We have the suite of services to help you gain camera confidence — whether you are a solopreneur or a sales team, we roll out the carpet for your close-up.

Strategic Collaborations

We bring together the best of the best — celebrities in their own right — to serve your marketing, branding, content creation, multimedia development, social media management, publications, storytelling, video expertise, photography, and more!

Speaking Engagements

Lights! Camera! Action! Get your group motivated and inspired to rock their celebrity talents. Anita showcases star power tips unique to industry. Anita weaves her talents with humor and behind the scenes secrets to captivate all audiences. 

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Red Carpet Services

From the Red Carpet Academy suite of services to Media PRO & More, Miranda’s Creatives, LLC has you covered from head to toe.

MIRANDA’S CREATIVES, LLC and Strategic Allies assists in defining the vision and developing an overall strategic communications plan. We provide marketing, public relations and news media strategies to include consultation, coaching and support for preparing personnel (private to group sessions) as presenters of key messaging, on and off camera.

Our team assists with writing and editing long and short form news and feature stories for various  publications as well as developing copy for marketing and advertising initiatives.

We custom create videos to deliver messages, generate views, create engagement, and produce results by writing/editing video and media scripts for marketing, advertising and website initiatives and produce videos as creative producer/director services for marketing, advertising and website initiatives.

Our capabilities include creative photography and videography/event services, editor services for print (marketing, advertising) and website initiatives.

COVER-AGE by Tamara Parisio, Art & Industry, photo by Anita Miranda


Strategic Collaboration

We bring together the best of the best—experts such as Tamara Parisio, marketing visionary of Art & Industry, and Patt Johnson, virtual administrator of Patt’s Office, and more to create an A+ team to serve you in the most profound way.

Have Your People Call Our People

Call now. Step into the spotlight of your celebrity life.