Our Vision

MIRANDA’S CREATIVES, LLC provides a suite of skills to design presence (branding), create online real estate via a website and social media (land) and amplify the message in the marketplace (launch). Additionally we provide expertise to fulfill the requirements of a video and photo studio in support of live events to productize and monetize services leading to revenue streams.

Our Facts

MIRANDA’S CREATIVES, LLC was established as a Limited Liability Company in Phoenix (2010) under Arizona state laws and spearheaded by Anita Miranda. The company employs a network of strategic collaborators and provides opportunities to those seeking internships and community service.

Our Why

As a little girl, Anita felt shy and unlovable.  The camera told her so. Growing up as a ward of the court, Anita was placed in numerous foster homes. With the hope of finding a family, every home had one thing in common. Anita was not included in the holiday photo. Today, Anita created her own spotlight in the boardroom of several successful organizations and discovered a passion to assist those find brilliance. Thus, the creation of Miranda’s Creatives, LLC. The company with a heart for soulpreneurs.

Meet The Team

Here are the people behind the scenes who make your business grow. It’s a human thing.


Anita Miranda

Founder & CEO

ANITA MIRANDA is the beauty, brains, and brilliance behind Miranda’s Creative’s, LLC provider Red Carpet Media Services. Anita’s assets are to bring out your inner star so you are always ready to shine in your work, your relationships, and your life. She espouses that life is a natural beautiful adventure, on purpose. 

In that pursuit, Anita assists people, brands, and businesses to share their compelling stories and create intuitive, innovative, inspired impact across every media frontier—video, publishing, internet, stage, and more. In connection with numerous non-profits, Anita brings her dynamic presence into on-the-job training, opportunities for video and media productions, promotions, sales & marketing, and networking amongst organizations. Recent finalist for the Hoboken Film Festival for short film “Daddy” as a producer.


Samantha Leiter


SAMANTHA LEITER knew her career would land in Digital and Film Editing. As a teenager, her doodles became more detailed and elaborate. With the support of her family and peers, her art came to life. Introduced to video editing in high school, Samantha expanded her creativity and discovered a new form of art. Soon, she was creating, editing, and producing her very own videos. Her attention to details, critical thinking, and can-do attitude allowed Samantha to express herself and others.

Samantha’s focus is on motion graphics and animation. Her expertise includes editing in Final Cut X, After Effects, and Photoshop.

Samantha enjoys higher learning, is an avid reader, and loves thunderstorms and the love of Twister.

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