MIRANDA’S CREATIVES, LLC provides a suite of skills to design presence (BRAND), create online real estate (LAND), amplify the message in the marketplace (LAUNCH), and grow to reach for the stars (EXPAND). Additionally, we provide eCourses for complete confidence on camera and the expertise in media production to replicate and duplicate your flagship. We create revenue channels by productizing services leading to revenue streams. Whether you choose “do it yourself” or “done for me,” we are All Things Media.

We Are the Right Experienced Team.

When success matters, you have the right to an experienced team. We are a Multi-Media Agency with a strong track record providing design, development, and deployment plus a full suite of support, we discover the hidden gems in your story. We start with your persona and build out your reputation. If you desire a customized brand, a digitized website with automation, clear copy and content, and proven best-seller publishing, we are the team you need. Red Carpet Institute, a division of Miranda's Creatives, has a successful track record of teaching clients how to be camera ready in front of and behind the camera. We are innovators in the industry. Our mission is to build your dream from concept to opportunity.


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We Offer A Full Suite Of Services

Your reputation, Your Brand

Discover Your Gaps


Not everybody needs a lot of followers, not everybody cares about a book deal, and not everyone wants a large complex website. What we DO all care about is trust. We help you build up the trust of potential clients by digitizing your reputation, building up your personal brand, and revealing the story that drives your passion. Discover Your Gaps assists you in finding the missing pieces of your brand, including the best way to introduce your brand to new clients, whether that's through updated branding, an updated (or new) website, a marketing campaign, or something else entirely.

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See Your Business in Motion

Media PRO and More


We are Rock Star Editors that custom creates videos to deliver messages, generate views, create engagement, and produce results by writing and editing video and media scripts for marketing, advertising and website initiatives. Beyond that medium, we also assist with every step of creating your unique and powerful website, from hosting to designing, and offer a leg up in regards to graphics and photos.

From Camera Shy to Camera Bad-Ass

Red Carpet Institute


We have created amazing eCourses to help you gain the confidence to be on camera. Whether it's for a business ad, social media, or a media interview, we'll make sure that you are well on your way to shining in the spotlight.

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Beacon Publishing House


We help you share your story with the world from beginning to end. We start with a blueprint to assist you with transferring your story from your mind to the page, and then we remain by your side by offering publishing services ranging from editing, book design, cover design, ebook & print publishing, and more! Do you want to be a “Bestseller?” We take the guesswork out of what, why, and where to self-publish either through our DIY eCourses or done-for-you. We will get you from "I want to write a book" to "I am a published author."

We also offer the services of Living Disabled Publishing, where we assist veterans and others with printing (or ebook formatting) their memoirs for their personal use, all for free through the assistance of COHH.

We are creating genius. Come back and visit soon!

Artist-ENTERTAINMENT-world wide

Official Kiss Print Reader


We offer KISS Print Readings to assist, both one-on-one and for events. We highly suggest receiving a reading with Dr. Miranda to guide your business in the direction it is meant to go. Official Kiss Print Reader also offers a great entertainment opportunity for any kind of event.

By popular demand and life-changing results, Dr. Miranda, Kiss Whisperer, has built a private practice offering KISS print readings leading to mind, body, and spirit connections to live as one through the power of divine wisdom.

Ditch the Rule of 10 and Embrace the Power of 1!

Dr. Miranda's Holistic Health Center


Dr. Miranda’s Kiss Whisper Holistic Health Center is dedicated to ensuring that you are healthy and balanced in body, mind, and spirit. Our team utilizes the most recent technologies and energies of Heaven, Earth, and the KISS to improve health and foster self-care. All starting with the Power of the KISS.

Get the full restorative treatment in our wellness center. From energy clearing to aromatherapy, we have several options to cater to your needs. Working one-on-one with Dr. Miranda provides it all in one.

Heartbeats and Helping Hands

Circle of Helping Hands


A 501(c)3 charity founded by Dr. Miranda, Circle of Helping Hands believes in a community of helping hands to coexist, Living Differently-Abled in all facets of life and opportunities. We exist to offer opportunities to veteran entrepreneurs, their families, and those contemplating starting an in-home business by offering internships, On the Job Training, Nana Knows Series, PTSD Coloring Books, Workbooks, publishing assistance, referrals to community resources, service provider collaborations, and much, much more.

How do We Do this?



Does your brand accurately represent you? We help you ensure that your branding is right on track, leading you to the most successful outcome.



How well does your brand land with your intended audience? We help you with the various ways you can expand the visibility of your company, from websites to video to speaking.



Are you ready for your launchpad? We can assist you in spreading your message farther than you can imagine, through publishing services to podcast building.



Are you ready to scale? We are here to give you guidance in how to expand your reach to the edges of the world. Let's find your ideal clients.


Here is our why:

As a little girl, Dr. Miranda felt shy and unlovable. The camera told her so. Growing up as a ward of the court, she was placed in numerous foster homes. With the hope of finding a family, every home had one thing in common: Dr. Miranda was not included in the holiday photo. Today, Dr. Miranda created her own spotlight in the boardroom of several successful organizations and discovered a passion to assist those find brilliance. Thus, the creation of Miranda’s Creatives, LLC. The company with a heart for soulpreneurs.

We navigate through a quick questionnaire to help us pinpoint the missing gaps that so easily plague entrepreneurs while building their businesses. By choosing us, you will have the blueprint to Brand, Land, & Launch at any level.

MIRANDA’S CREATIVES, LLC brings together expertise for strategic planning, communications, and content development coupled with business acumen and coaching for on-camera and media success. We also offer publishing services to help you expand the reach of your story. All to the benefit of our charity of choice, Circle of Helping Hands (COHH) 501(c)(3).

Our strategic allies bring experience from advertising and marketing, education and personal development, video and audio production, writing, and editing across a variety of industries to provide complete service from concept to creation to execution. We align internal forces to create impact community-wide. Miranda’s Creatives, LLC will design and execute a powerful communication with clarity, consistency, and care.

OUR MISSION: We assist companies and individuals to increase impact with laser-focused on-target messaging, video storytelling, compelling content, poised presentations, and heartfelt imagery.

Imagine what life will be like when you work in your business!

“Miranda's Creatives helped me connect some of the dots for marketing myself as a speaker by identifying mission critical details that needed improvement..."

"... and making suggestions on how to fix them. As a result, I have seen a surge in requests for speaking engagements since implementation. Miranda’s Creatives expertise and professionalism is beyond reproach.

-Barbara Davis | Author & Speaker


JakinDee Kosaka | Career Coach

"Dr. Miranda and her team help you put your best foot foward and shine!" 




Why should I care about branding?

Branding is the digitization of your reputation. A good brand, which communicates a clear story, changes the perception of your business for the better in the eyes of everyone, from your clients to your employees to even yourself.

Do I need to brand for my company or myself?

That strongly depend on whether the brand centers around you. If you are a doctor, life coach, speaker, or any other business that is centered around you, then you ARE the brand, and you need to focus on your personal brand. Otherwise, you should focus on the branding for the business and keep it separate.

How does this work?

You will begin with a short and fun quiz that allows you to see the gaps in your brand. This is followed by a self-assessment of who you are, what your company is, your mission, your value proposition, and who your clientele is.


Why should I care about landing?

It's how you present yourself and share your story so that potential clients understands what your brand is about and how you can help them. Without this information, they have no incentive to choose your company.

Do I really need all of this to be successful?

YES, unless you want to be waiting for your phone to ring and all of your business is referral only. Preparing your branding, landing, and launching improves not only your visibility, but the understanding of your brand.

How do I land on my launchpad?

By ensuring that you have materials that display your brand and what your mission is clearly, from videos to print collateral to your website and more. The best way to ensure this is by by hiring an agency such as Media PRO & More and Miranda's Creatives to get everything in line and ready to launch.


Why should I spend time and money on proper launching?

Unless your message gets out to your customers, you will never get hired by your preferred clientele. A proper launch helps cement your company in the minds of potential clients and makes you stand out from and above the crowd.

Hiring an agency like Miranda's Creatives helps you prepare for the best possible launch, as they can assist you in ensuring you have everything you need and that you blow the competition out of the water.

How do I know if I am ready to launch?

If you are unsure if you are ready to launch, then take our business self-assesment quiz below. It will help you determine not only whether you are ready to launch, but also help you find the gaps in your business and branding.

How do I launch successfully?

A launch is successful when you have all of the pieces gathered and ready to go. You have your branding, your emails, your messaging, your website, your graphics, your videos....

It can be a lot to manage, but hiring an agency like Miranda's Creatives can help you get a leg up on this important step.



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