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As a little girl, Anita felt shy and unlovable.  The camera told her so. Growing up as a ward of the court, Anita was placed in numerous foster homes. With the hope of finding a family, every home had one thing in common. Anita was not included in the holiday photo. Today, Anita created her own spotlight in the boardroom of several successful organizations and discovered a passion to assist those find brilliance. Thus, the creation of Miranda’s Creatives, LLC. The company with a heart for soulpreneurs.


MIRANDA’S CREATIVES, LLC provides a suite of skills to design presence (branding), create online real estate via a website and social media (land) and amplify the message in the marketplace (launch). Additionally we provide expertise to fulfill the requirements of a video and photo studio in support of live events to productize and monetize services leading to revenue streams.


MIRANDA’S CREATIVES, LLC was established as a Limited Liability Company in Phoenix (2010) under Arizona state laws and spearheaded by Anita Miranda. The company employs a network of strategic collaborators and provides opportunities to those seeking internships and community service.








Boutique Agency

A Multi-Media Agency with a strong track record providing media consulting, production and publishing services, plus a full suite of support for your marketing efforts.

Do you desire a best-selling book, or speak on stages, or create a world-known podcast— this is perfect for you.  Many have the dream, but few make it a reality.  Our mission is to shift your script.


Strategic Alliance

Collaborating with talented consultants across disciplines we bring you the best of the best. Combining our talents to create Red Carpet Academy, the one stop for one on one training, group or DIY models.

We offer creative sessions to find the missing gaps. Are you a startup looking for branding or an entrepreneur ready to scale, get your A+ team together, here!


Speaking Gigs

As a presenter in front or a producer behind the camera, Anita Miranda is the voice of Miranda’s Creatives, LLC services.

Anita’s fear of the camera and public speaking was holding her back. As the brand, Anita learned the techniques and overcame her fear allowing her to step into the spotlight. She brings these techniques and tips to get you media ready.


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Red Carpet Academy

Peer to peer presentations to rocking the stage, walk the red carpet with poise, polish and professionalism. We have the suite of services to help you gain camera confidence — whether you are a solopreneur or a sales team, we roll out the carpet for your close-up.

Strategic Collaborations

We bring together the best of the best — celebrities in their own right — to serve your marketing, branding, content creation, multimedia development, social media management, publications, storytelling, video expertise, photography, and more!

The Official Lipstick Reader

Your hands show the path you are currently on and your feet show you the path where you have walked in life.  Add your lips with a kiss and you have a party.?   Turn your event into the extravaganza your hard work deserves.  Be the “Kiss who Tells.” What is all the buzz lately?  Why lips?  Lips are the most sensual body part.  Have you ever wondered where “Sealed with a Kiss” originated from? and my lips are sealed?  Now, we have a fun and entertaining way of “unlocking” the mysteries behind a “Kiss.”

Speaking Engagements

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Lights! Camera! Action! Get your group motivated and inspired to rock their celebrity talents. Anita showcases star power tips unique to industry. Anita weaves her talents with humor and behind the scenes secrets to captivate all audiences. 

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“Keep your focus on your passion in life and the things you enjoy doing. You’ll get there. Trust me. I’m doing it.”

-Tim Samaras

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